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About Us

Mekatronix Trading and Engineering Services started in the year 2019 with only one objective - to provide quality parts and repairing services easily available to anyone nationwide.


We have a wide range of products from Electronic Components, LCDs, Membrane Keypads, Touch Screens, IGBTs, and many more. We also provide obsolete (discontinued) spare parts of many renowned brands which are not easily available in India. 


Industries are one of the backbones of our economy and even small manufacturers play a significant role in providing important resources globally and in India as well. These small manufacturers usually have less number of machines as compared to bigger factories. Even one breakdown in these machines affects the production.


When this happens, the owners or managers rush to search for the spare part and even if they find one, the delivery time exceeds 15 days. 


So, our work is to make sure we provide the spare part quickly, reduce the downtime and get the machines back to running in no time. We are dedicated to working towards making all kinds of electronic spares in India at reasonable prices.


Till now, we have sold many parts and have helped numerous companies to fix their valuable machinery. 


Want to fix your machine and reduce the downtime? Search for your product on the website. If you can’t find your product, drop a message here we will contact you!


Can’t find your product? Drop a message here with your requirement and we will get in touch with you.


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